Find Out in Fifteen GCC Podcast

Every week in this 15-minute podcast I will publish regular educational and motivational content focusing on business building, branding, and marketing for independent authors and creative and solo professionals. The podcast, brought to you by the Global Creative Community (, will be published on Wednesdays.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries in Your BusinessListen now (17 min) | Making sure that you are in control.
Why Your Business Is Stuck In 2nd GearListen now (16 min) | And how to get "unstuck"
How to Find Your Ideal ClientListen now (15 min) | It takes time and commitment, but it's worth it!
Branding Tips for Creative SolopreneursListen now (17 min) | Ideas for developing your branding strategy
The 6 Most Important Things ListListen now (17 min) | Quickly and easily tame that long to-do list!
It's Time for your Mid-Month Review!Listen now | A step-by-step 30 minute process
Should YOU Write a Book?Listen now (16 min) | I just published a book just for YOU!
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